Of course "Venus" have their own perspective regarding this topic, fashion is always developing and growing in terms to fulfill a genuine and desirable style. Fashion can be so relative and dependent on individual taste, and all that process presents you a style.

What is your style or what do you like to wear? the questions that maybe all the people can answer but the other question? it was good on you? or did I look beautiful? Should I wear this or wear that? but there is something very essential on your total look, it is Confident.

One thing that we barely says is confident, the formula that wrapped your total appearance to look more impressive. I may choose a tons of beautiful dresses for you, but it is not about the dress, it is about you, the dress doesn't work if your confident not allows it to vomit its chemistry.

And as we knew nowadays that information sources is unlimited, starting from movies, series, televison, magazines, blogs anything, you can get your own fashion inspirations, so do we are here for you, giving you our prespective to fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle etc for you urban ladies.

While you doing your day routines, take your tea and enjoy anything here.

Any suggestions, critics, supports, questions, or there is anything you need from us, do not hesitate to contact us and send us your love to dfemmefashion@gmail.com

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